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19, St. Andrews Street, Dunfermline, KY11 4QG   Phone: 01383 432296
" Fife's leading PC - Laptop and Mobile Phone repair centre"
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Geoff Ruzgar
Cosmic PC's

Cosmic PCs was opened in 2003 at the current address of 19 St. Andrews St. it was a fairly humble affair to start with the focus very much on sales of new computers and accessories and consumables. After a shaky start we settled down and steadily grew the business. As our revenues increased we were able to employ more staff to man the shop and make on site visits.

After a few good years the advent of the big supermarkets selling heavily discounted computers and peripherals, the business started to suffer.
A quick decision was needed to stop ourselves going under. We looked at the market and decided that as we could not compete on price we would instead concentrate on customer service and the repair side of the business.

Within a very short time we had changed the business model from 80% sales and 20% repairs to almost 90% repairs and the remainder as sales.
That seemed to do the trick!
As revenues decreased I was advised by the accounts department that it was a disaster! Turnover had halved! The very next day however I was advised by accounts that yes  turnover had indeed halved but profitability was up by over 200%. Welcome news indeed! It was a policy that was to continue and kept us in business when many others were going to the wall.

I am glad to say that business enjoys great success today and we look forward to serving you and repairing and upgrading your devices for many years to come.

What of the mobile phone enterprise? well, Sef joined us in August 2014 and has steadily grown his side of the business but that's another story and one which he can add to himself. :)